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If you want a young and vibrant look go for curly or wavy hair. Even if you have straight hair some of these examples can work for you with a little creativity. These suggestions are sculptural and have a lot of flair and sass. If youíre looking to accent the wild hair in these outrageous images, you should infuse some bold colors. Bright reds and electric pinks are always fashionable and stylish. Everyday hair doesnít have to be boring. In fact, your hair should make a statement. Match your hair to your personality and career. Creative careers will allow you to go a bit crazy with your look. When you walk into a creative firm, you expect to see people with creative and unique choices. The same goes for entertainers. However, you donít need to be an artist or entertainer to rock a look thatís really unique and maybe even a little outrageous. You only live life once. The philosophy of expressing yourself and living life to the fullest should extend to your image as well. Think of your tresses like an accessory. It will accessorize your clothing and accentuate your face, neck and shoulders. Thereís no harm in changing out your look as much as you do your accessories. In fact, it will keep your style playful and your life interesting. Finally, just remember that the style you choose can be time consuming to do in the morning. If youíre not a morning person, you may want to go with a wild look that requires little maintenance in the morning. Looking put together with little effort is often a matter of how the hair is cut. Talk with your stylist so you achieve the perfect balance of style and ease of care.

The outrageous ideas showcased in this portfolio are predominately for curly or wavy locks. For everyday ideas for curly hair visit our Curly gallery. Use extreme vibrant color in your style to make a statement. Add various vibrant colors to make the style uniquely yours.