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Here we have four rows of very modern straight hairstyles that are perfect for women of most ages. They are created to be relatively low maintenance and represent a number of dramatically different styles. From the very short to medium length straight tresses, you can find some truly remarkable ideas from this selection. The first row has more classic ladies straight designs with the exception of the final photo which in some ways is the retro look popular in the 1920’s with the bob and bangs. Notice how the hair perfectly frames the face even when it is loose. The second row starts with a classic short straight with bangs that is very low maintenance, yet attractive and simple. The next three are definitely more modern in their look with the final example one that does require more maintenance, but features a wonderful shaping around the face which is suitable for many women. Our third row of photos again runs the gamut from more traditional styles to very modern and dramatic ones, particularly the short, “wet” look of the second photo which works very well with many women. The fourth photo in particular is one that is quite unique and may not be for all women. The straight ideas featured in the final row start with a very modern use of bangs complete with good volume that is perfect for many women with short straight locks. The final photo in the series is actually a style that has been around for decades, but is timeless in appearance and is well suited for women looking to shape their face if they have longer straight hair.

Browse through portfolio 6 to get styling ideas for your straight hair. This portfolio showcases straight ideas that are modern and easy to maintain but are perfect for a polished professional look. Browse through our other galleries for casual or prom ideas ideal for your type and length.