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Variety is the spice of life and when it comes to style, you can easily get into a real rut. If youíve been wanting a change, but havenít been able to come up with the right inspiration, these unusual suggestions will give you a good starting point. From short military inspired cuts to longer cuts with exaggerated bangs to girls emo cuts, these styles are sure to give you the jolt you need to get out of your tired old look. When youíre looking to change up your image, itís always a good idea to look at lots of photos. Spend some time looking through the stylistís portfolios and find a few that you think you would like to use as a starting point for inspiration. A good hairstyle will conform to accentuate your best features so it may not look exactly like the inspiration photo. Be a little daring when youíre selecting a new look. You may feel uncomfortable about making a drastic change out of fear of what others will think. Talk to your friends and ask for their opinion. Itís always nice to get some support when youíre making a transformation. Hairstyles, although seemingly harmless can have a big impact. Youíll want a look that will give you confidence and feel good about yourself. Finally, make sure your choice is in line with your lifestyle. Some  are very high maintenance, which is fine if you have two hours to get ready in the morning. However, if you need to hop out of the shower and go, you may want to consider a style that requires very little work in the morning.

Portfolio 5 highlights crazy styles for everyday wear. If you are bored with your look try one of these wacky choices. Try out an army inspired shaved direction for a boyish feel or more feminine long cut with uneven ends.