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Despite the attractive look brought on by dreadlock, there are a lot of misunderstandings and rumors surrounding the do. This model exhibits a perfectly manicured head of hair, but most people are afraid to try something so drastic due to the stigmas surrounding the style. Dreadlocks are essentially matted hair coils. They go by many names: rastalocks, dreads, or Jata (for Hidi). They are worn by almost every culture for many reasons, and it is really time to give this underdog style its time in the sun. These long beautiful locks can be a perfect fit for any occasion if people understood it better. One major myth is that dreads are better made if dirty hair is present. That is untrue, if a person does not wash, they smell bad. Clean hair actually locks faster. Another myth is that dreads are made by neglecting the hair and allowing it to become matted. The truth is that dreadlocks will form if neglected, but not in an attractive way. The rolls would be random in giant mats on the head. In order to get the well-groomed and attractive fit, a person would want to have it done professionally by a talented stylist. Dreads are an attractive style for people who are daring enough to set their own trends. Incorporate one or more colored extensions to your dreadlocks for a modern fun look.