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There is no hair feat that cannot be accomplished with a bit of determination and creativity. Nothing can stand in the way of standing out in a crowd. A woman can go to a nine-to-five job with a professional haircut, and go out with her friends a little bit later having bright hues of pink, purple and more. The best part is that when it is all over she can go back to work the next day and be a business professional. Extensions are to thank for such an awesome transformation. Not only can they add extra volume to thin, flat hair, but they can add color to any coif. The Hollywood elite use extensions on a regular basis. Jessica Simpson has her own line of extensions that are marketed to be easy to use and still discreet. Some of the extensions are curly, and some are large enough to transform entire styles. The model in this picture appears to be illustrating just the smallest possibilities that are available now. Her short hair can quickly be long, curly and blonde. There are no lengths out of reach; no style too tough for the woman who dares to dream. Add multi-color extensions to your every day hairstyle for a funky night out.