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Having bold bright colored hair is always a head turner. However, this model and her stylists took that extra step to go from fantastic to fabulous. Tones of different colors across the back of the skull and the nape of the neck are a fantastic way to make a great color even better. This particular model has chosen pink and purple. There is good and bad things about the color purple though. The darkness of the color can make really light colored skin look paler. It is a good idea to find out what colors look best for you. According to several cosmetology schools and stylists a person needs to find out if they are a warm, cool or a neutral color attracter. There a couple good ways, in natural light look at the veins in the elbow. If they look green, the person will have a warm undertone. Blue veins will mean that a person has cool undertones. Either way, feel free to try out different hues. Without trying new things, no one would ever know how far beauty can go. Make a statement by coloring your hair in a duo tone bright color.