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The asymmetrical cut is a style that is really becoming popular among the hipsters and musical savvy nowadays. The model in this picture let her stylist pull the creative reins and the result was fabulous. Cutting the hair allows for unlimited ideas, but if someone is not ready to make such a long-term commitment, there are other options. Ideally, the person would need to have medium to short hair and then extensions can be added. With extensions, there is no folly if the cut is not perfect. In addition, with extensions, the person can cut and style over and over again. Each day could be an adventure of different cuts. Moreover, if the cut turns out to be better than expected, extensions can last a while too, so it is a win-win situation. This hair style has been taken up by a lot of popular, daring women music artists as of recently. No one has to know how easy it is to achieve hair nirvana. Get the creative juices flowing and stand out in a crowd! Get this punk hairstyle by cutting asymmetrical layers that create this unusual hairstyle.