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Short hair has proven to be an extraordinarily versatile style. It is much easier and much more desirable to style as there is much less of it. The shorter hair styles can frame a round face better and be easier to manage for people with a more active lifestyle. The style that this model demonstrates is an easy style to make and maintain for those with naturally straight and short hair. Sweeping the bangs to one side or the other adds volume and intrigue to the style pictured. The side swept look can be achieved with any hairdo. In addition, if one was so inclined, they could put the color under the side of the bangs so that the color is not seen during the day while at an office that requires no bold or unnatural colors. Even the up-and-coming artist Skrillex agrees with this style. His hair is much longer but the point is still the same. He cuts his part way to the side and the style is able to show more features of his face. A side part can really bring out the best features if the stylist is attentive enough. If short hair is already present, it cannot hurt to give this easy but beautiful look a try. Get this look by cutting an extra thick side swept bang, the thickness of the bang gives the style height and volume.