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Edgar Allan Poe and the men of the hit band eagles knew what they were talking about when they talk of the beauty of dark haired women. The model in this picture fully illustrates some dashing possibilities. However, no one has to feel left out. Attaining dark hair is as easy as going to the store. Dying the hair darker is much healthier for hair, and the chemicals used are less caustic. Let us not forget that dark hair is not the only reference in this picture though. The purpose is to show how different bold colors can bring out the beauty in any hair color. Originality is a trendy trait now, so feel free to let the color flag fly free. Color only one strand or hundreds with different colors. The possibilities are only limited to the imagination. Show patriotism by using the country’s flag hues or show school spirit with temporary bold streaks. Show your true colors and impress your friends. There are no limits to what you can do. Add icy blue or your favorite color to your hairstyle to make that individual statement.