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As timeless and classic as it is beautiful the long straight look is great for every woman. Even with such a simple straight cut, there are still so many options. There can be bangs, layers, angled cuts, and even the drastic splash of color that is present with this model. Not to mention the option of undertones and highlights. The straight look can be perfect for any situation too. Whether the hairdo is worn with friends, family, or a flock of the fashion focused, this hairdo is sure to impress them all. This particular model chose a perfect color combination to go with the raven locks. If given the opportunity and desire to add bold colors, try to choose one that pops with the background color. Alternatively, if preferred, chose a favorite color. There are endless options. In addition, the best part is that this perfect picture of luscious locks can be for anyone even the short haired. Extensions have come a long way. Most are relatively easy to install now. With easy extensions, the short haired woman can bring her locks to new lengths, and when done they can be taken out as easily as they are put in. This is the one hairstyle that can win them all. This is a gorgeous hairstyle that can be worn everyday simply leave out the bright red color.