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If any person has ever wanted all the attractive features of dreadlocks but not the year’s long commitments that dreadlocks requires – this hairdo is for them! This is a truly versatile look that can look good on any face style with any hair type. Even the size of the twists can be left to the stylist’s creative devices. The model in this picture has illustrated a perfect way to give the hair extra body with twists that are more loose. Someone with longer hair may want to make their twists tighter, and hair of a shorter length can be any size. This is a style that would require a bit of time to perfect. The person with a desire to achieve this would want to wake up early or dedicate a bit of time before making an appearance. However, once completed this type of do is perfect for a concert, a hip party or trying to impress a trendy crowd. This easy to complete coif is sure to impress the most hardened of fashion friendly. Twist and twirl individual strands of hair to create the illusion of dreadlocks, perfect for a temporary reggae style.