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Comfortable Coif. This hairstyle looks so commonplace and yet so different. The picture looks as if the locks could be held up in back. On the other hand, the hair could be cut into a pixie cut. Either way there are endless options for a woman. As long as the woman is comfortable in her skin, her hair will always look its best. With the added detail of make-up and accessories like jewellery, a woman can turn any hair style into something glamorous or something for on the go. On this topic, it is important to remember to take care of one’s self, monitor simple body cues, eat healthy and exercise. Things like crash dieting can cause hair loss. Also, shampooing, although good, can eventually cause more split ends and damage if not done properly. Use shampoo moderately, lather only once and make sure that the shampoo used has little to no alcohol. The less harsh chemicals in general shampoo, conditioner or styling products, the better. With all of the hair styles available, take a cue from this model. Take a day and a do that feels right for the day. Not your usual glamorous night out hairstyle but striking when teamed up with beautiful make-up and accessories.