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Brightening up Black hair. Gothic fashion is usually comprised of black and dark colors. It is a fashion that could and would only benefit with splashes of color. This particular model is doing all the right things by the length and color of her hair. The longer bob is better for her rounder face, and the colors are bright, but not bright enough to take away from the different sub-cultured style. It is a fresh way to spice up a daily hairstyle. Traditionally, the gothic style comes with a range of different old-school ideas such as Victorian and Elizabethan, and even as new as punk. Therefore, the styles vary, but the colors usually do not. This is why this model would most likely be categorized under the heavy metal fashion, or even emo fashion. Both of those recent styles are avid appreciators of bright vibrant hair colors and standing out in a crowd. If someone associates themselves with any of the above, this hairstyle could definitely bring out the best in their hair. Brighten up a Goth look by adding strands of your favorite color to your dark hairstyle.