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Mythical manes. A womanís hair is an extension of herself. If it is well taken care of, it will be beautiful. If it is colored, the woman will likely be an intriguing person. There are more ideas than there are women on the planet. The hairstyle this model wears is like nothing you would see anywhere else. This modelís hair was used as a canvas and her stylist worked her magic to turn her head into a mythical striking thing. This could be the basis design for an ancient goddess, or a natural creature like a wood sprite. It is a dramatic style that will leave people thinking. If a woman was trying to win a Halloween contest, this mane would surely be at the top if not winning every time. Fashion is a bizarre place of artistic outfits and hair. This coif looks as if it would fit right in among the models about to parade on the catwalk. This style is more about the ability to express oneís self artistically and less about a style. Let the mind wander and the hair be the canvass in which to speak with this thought-provoking style. This dramatic artistic hairstyle is ideal for a themed party, the catwalk or a magazine photo shoot.