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Pretty in Pink This model has very talented stylists who have made her hair beautiful like a canvas. If one were to achieve this look, it would be helpful to know what exactly is going into the hair. There are three commonly used phrases: undertones, highlights and lowlights. Highlights are colors that are usually about two to three shades brighter or lighter than the base hair color. Lowlights are about two to three shades darker. Finally, undertones are usually done from the base of the skull to the nape of the neck. This model appears to have the works done and the combination of colors looks great. However, the color is not the only attractive thing in the picture. The medium bob is a fashionable style that does not look like it will ever go out of style. This model has layered or textured hair, which is better for thinner hair. The textured bob will add volume and give a better style with less effort. Some women would love to have this look, but lack the ability to commit. In that case, it is acceptable to buy a wig and cut it as necessary. Bold hues can always brighten a day, take the time and share the brightness with others. Create this duo-tone style by incorporating low and highlights into the style, this gives the style depth.