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A little bit rock-n-roll. People will marvel and this creative style unlike all the others. This will certainly stand out in a crowd especially when people find out that it can come out easily and this woman can return to work the next day with a regular business do. This is especially perfect for any adventurous person since there is no long-term commitment. There would, however, be some short-term commitment, as each individual section of hair would have to be twisted and then styled when it reaches the top of the head. The time taken would be well worth the effort once the person sees the looks she will get. This hairdo would be perfect for those women with naturally straight hair, relaxed hair or hair that has been touched by a flat iron. This hairdo would also look fabulous with a touch of color, any color that sounds good at the time. In addition, if there is a touch of bright hues, when the hair is down, it would be hidden from the public eye. A must-try for any weekend warrior or night owl. This artistic hairstyle incorporates reggae and rock genres perfectly to create this ultra funky style.