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Healthy hues. The model in this picture illustrates a healthier version of the unnatural hair color. She has two tones, but she does not appear to have bleached her hair. Bleaching the hair causes a lot of damage, and there are a lot of precautions one has to take after bleaching the hair. If the hair is bleached, it cannot be permed or relaxed because it will cause the hair to “melt” and turn ugly. That aside, there are other options besides bleach, such as hair lightener and even hydrogen peroxide. This model appears to have taken a healthier approach to bright hues. Once the lightening process has begun, it will be important to understand the hair before taking the next steps. If the hair is darker, the bright color will not show as vividly, even if it is a darker color. It is similar to using a pen on different color paper; the bright result depends on the paper. It is also good to keep in mind that the color of hair will change the color it is being dyed. For example, if the hair is yellowish and the dye is blue, there is a distinct possibility that they will mix and make green hair. With this in mind, this hairdo is a win-win for the adventurous woman. Dye the top layer of your hair in a vibrant color allowing your natural hair color to show from the roots and the bottom to create a duo-tone style.