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This style is a breeze for the busy business woman or any woman on the go. The short hair makes effort a minimal, but the fun addition of asymmetrical style makes it look like more work. However, it is not just about attracting others; real sexiness is in confidence that can make a woman feel smarter, happier and better in every area of their life. Confidence can come from a simple flair with bangs or a touch of color. Make sure to get a hairdo that compliments that, and then have fun with it. This model has a perfect, fun and easy hairdo that can be replicated with simple hair tools. A flat iron and the favorite styling product is all that would really be needed. Each day can be different with such a versatile near-pixie cut. However, there would be some care required to keep the tresses looking their best. It is recommended that a woman with short hair deep conditions her hair 3 times a week to fight frizz and breakage. Also, try to leave in conditioner and a strong hold gel for the perfect mix of control and conditioning. Any other time this do is easy to maintain and easy to understand why so many business women go for this hair. Modify your every day hairstyle by styling your bang in different directions and playing with different styling products to achieve the look.