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Dang, those Bangs are great! A fringe can make or break a cut, but it is important to understand what best fits the face they are for. The model here looks to have a perfect cut for her face and a touch of natural color to bring the eyes to her lovely face. But, one Bob does not bode well for them all. The best people to wear a bob are women with a nice jawline and show-worthy neck. For someone with a rounder face, a longer or medium bob is best. There are also options of texture and layers. Those are best for hair that is thin or medium and naturally straight. Naturally, curly haired women will tend to have better luck with longer haircuts, unless they have a stylist that will cut in specific layers and take the time to texturize the ends. Even with that in mind, the person would need to have a good flat iron to keep the hair in the most optimal shape. That aside, the work put in will definitely show. The bob with bangs is being called the most desired style of 2012 and so far 2013. Originating from WWI this haircut was created to help women in the work force who did not have time to pin their hair. This is a style that has stood the test of time and will continue to look as beautiful then as it does now. This hairstyle incorporates a long straight edge bang to create this sculpted short bob.