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Reminiscent of the wild and big hair of the 80ís, this hairdo will bring back great memories. Bringing hair styles back from times past is always a good way to start a conversation. This modelís hair looks perfect to be an extra for any music video of the catchy 80ís tunes; all she would need is a headband. Cyndi Lauper would be proud. This big hair appearance and side swept pizzazz is anything but boring. This style celebrates fullness of hair, but at the same time originality. The best part about this hair is that it is all styling; no cuts or colors involved. Although, color can only add to this unique asymmetrical do. All that would be required are some bobby pins, a lot of styling product and time. This can be done with any length or type of hair. It may even appear fuller for someone who possesses naturally curly hair. This modelís hair is shorter so it allows for the wind swept look as the ends point in many directions. With longer hair, the wind swept look could frame the face and neck. There can only be benefit from trying this new look from an old-school version. This outrageous hairstyle is all about the styling, simply flip one side of the hair over the head and use styling products to create the look.