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Color has great power over the mind and even how people react. Sometimes color can improve a mood or cause hunger. This model went all out and dyed all hair on her head. Even though this model looks astonishing with her bright red locks, she may not know that according to scientific studies, red makes men more attractive to women, and it makes peopleís reactions more intense. Conversely, red is the color of winners so this model and her stylist know a thing or two. It would be in a personís great benefit to research a couple colors and their meanings, but once armed with knowledge this hairdo could be a real head turner. There is one final caveat, most times to get color this intense; a person would need to bleach their hair to remove color. Then, add the color that will require some regular maintenance to stay bright. Even with constant upkeep, the color will naturally fade. The best way to avoid this is to get a wig and get some high quality make-up to color the brows. With the right wig, a person can be the life of the party, and in the morning blend in with a crowd. No one has to know this colorful secret. Dying your hair in an extremely bright color but require bleaching first which can be very harsh for your hair, alternatively wear a wig.