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The rainbow is a very stunning vision. It conjures imagery of great beauty and wonder. In addition, just like the rainbow, this hairdo will turn heads in awe. The possibilities are truly endless. The colors are so bright and vivid that you may feel you are looking directly into a work of art. This beautiful model displays a gorgeous array of colors, and so can anyone who so desires. Fortunately, there is good news for people who can appreciate bold hair colors. There have always been bright beautiful colors on the market for hair. However, recently there have been a lot of great advancements. Gone are the days that a person has to dye their hair bleach blonde and then follow up with a semi-permanent hair color that requires almost round the clock maintenance. There is a new hair color option called “Hair Chalk” that allows even bright colors to show up on dark hair without permanent hair modification. Hair chalk allows an innovative person to let their creativity flow. Aside from the colors, the hair style is something that would stand out on its own. This particular model had talented stylists that framed her face. Depending on the shape of a person’s face, the directions to gel the hair out may differ. This is a hair style that is for any type of hair. However, it is reserved for the truly creative and enterprising. This ultra modern bob uses a flat iron to get the hair perfectly straight and hair gel to make the ends stand out. Add various fun colors to get this look.