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Your hair should be as unique as you. When youíre young, you have more freedom to explore different images. The images on this portfolio page reflect a stunning array of highlights and duo-tone examples that will allow you to be you. If youíre not sure about going with vibrant colors, consider the idea that your hair is a canvas just like the rest of your body. You put clothes on your body, so why not color your hair to complement the way you dress. Using duo-tones is a great way to create a unique look. Start off with the cut and then add the colors you love. High contrast colors as in the last photo are sure to create a striking frame for your face. These duo-tones create contrast and actually highlight textures, shapes and forms within the haircut. If you love art, then this the best way to express your creativity. Sure, it is a little crazy, but for people who know you best, a hairstyle like this will actually be more you than the run of the mill pony tail or bangs. A hairstyle is a fun way to reinvent your look. If youíve been wanting to change your style, then why not start with your hair. It is easy to change if you donít like it and youíll be sure to make a big impact on your appearance. Clothes and accessories are great, but nothing beats a stunning new look.

Portfolio 7 highlights duo-tone examples. Picture 4, 5 and 13 are perfect examples of duo-tone colors matched perfectly to suit. Play around with your favorite colors to create a unique look to suit your wacky personality. Picture 2, 10 and 16 uses colored ribbon to add a duo-tone effect to dreadlocks.