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If your hair is already cut to suit your face and remains on your shoulders, then this casual yet smart and sexy look is perfect for you. It has that soft flow that makes even the unsexiest person feel sexy. Looking at the hairstyle it uses your long side parted bangs to create facial definition. By paring this look with neutral facial and eye makeup you can go from the office to a date with no extra work. Whether you have brown hair, black hair or even blonde hair this style will let the color shine and your face look fresh. You could even add a touch of low lights so that your hair has that fuller look. Always remember though that not because you're using product, you're using it right. Should you be using the same product for like the past five years then you may need a change, and there is nothing wrong with asking advice on the hair products from your stylist so that you can work well at home also. This medium length hairstyle uses long side parted bangs to create soft flow which inspires a casual romantic look.