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Long hair is always the best to work with, so ensure that it doesnít look dull and boring by brushing it lightly to the side of your head and onto your shoulder and if you are using lots of conditioner to soften or untangle your hair, maybe itís not the right brand because normally a small amount of conditioner is enough. You could also opt with using a little more moisture power, rather than using more products, however for this style, a conditioner is needed with every shampoo, and the hair must air-dry if at all possible. If your hair is naturally wavy use a heat protectant and straighten it strand by strand very lightly with a flat iron. A trace of gloss hair spray provides the ultimate finishing shine. The hair must then be straightened lightly to the side by using a hair iron that does not heat the hair too much. Allow for the natural side curve of your head to be defined or to even cover up that unsightly mark on your neck or shoulder. This is a perfect brush and go type of style that ensures that you still look stylish without all the effort. Think Dita Von Teese (without all those waves however) and let your inner burlesque star come out. Healthy and shiny, this style uses the hairs natural flow to create a long side bang.