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This look screams romance and elegance. Very easy to obtain and quite stunning when paired with a pretty blouse or shirt. No need for drying or long finishing methods. Once your hair has been washed with a good shampoo and conditioned to perfection, add a bit of product, part your hair in the middle and twirl small sections of the hair into a semi loose circle [do not make them to tight or your curls will have too much bounce] then pin the hair to the head for like literally a second or two. Remove the pins once you have done your entire head and add some hairspray to keep the little curls that have gathered at the end of the hair. This look is suitable to medium to long hair and says you’re nice but naughty. You could choose to leave some pieces longer and uncurled in this type of haircut or allow various parts of the curls to be pinned back with a fashionable and chic barrette or headband. These pieces may be left on the side or the back, and some choose to have bangs in the front also. These bangs are nearly never blunt bangs, straight across, but are instead side swept, spiky bangs to match the rest of the cut. Add soft curls to straight hair by twisting sections whilst still wet. Once dry, undo twists to get this soft romantic style.