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Katie Holmes has had it, Halle Berry still rocks it so why donít you? This is one haircut that can make your career and it most definitely is a dreamily short style. Many celebrities that chopped their mops from Michelle Williams to Anne Hathaway because the pixie cut is stunning, however the most important thing to remember is to choose a length and style to suit your face or you could end up looking like a kid. All highlights to a few sectors of the hair or a touch of color to one large part of the hair to give it that overly interesting look, small touches of color most certainly add dimension to the look. To look as classy, classic and stylish as Anne Hathaway or Chyler Leigh how about changing the entire color palette to either a rich brown or platinum blonde? Most stylists know what a pixie cut is, so just ask for it. The greatest way to get precisely what you want, though, is to show a picture to the person cutting your hair. thereíll be no misunderstanding and you don't have to be concerned that you didnít explain it right. Use varies colored highlights and lowlights to add dimension to this smooth volumous pixie style.