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Do you generally have limp hair that literally looks twiggy? Then how about this look? It’s large, bold and says “WOW”. A haircut is basically the substance to that perfect look and believe me styling is essential, do be afraid to question your stylist and ask for advice on how to properly style your fresh cut. Once you have dried your hair, you may begin parting the hair slightly in the middle vertically, then spray some hairspray into the hair and fluff lightly with a comb to create definition that will last long. The hair will stay in place once you add a bit more hairspray on the top, run your fingers through it to create a “string effect” and you’re good to go. Do not use a brush on your hair as this will remove the “largeness” of the look and flatten your hair. In keeping with fashion, this hairstyle although has aspects of the “out of bed look” is actually styled to give that impression. Once hair is perfectly straight, dip your head forwards, apply hairspray to the roots of the hair and use a hairdryer to create volume.