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Looking for that summer style to show of your stunning neck? How about cutting your hair to the tried and tested bob, however give this old style a new take by layering the hair all the way. There are many different styles of the bob and getting that perfect bob from the get go means working with the shape of the face and knowing what occurs to hair texture at certain lengths. Make sure that you allow for the one side of the bob to have a few longer strands so that there is that element of being carefree and flirty. This look can be perfect to those summer weddings with a pretty flowery dress and all round girly look. The color is a rich brown, but blonde, red or even purple works well with this look. This hairstyle is particularly attractive to those looking for a low maintenance kind of look. Dependent on the form of your bob, the method you use to blow dry your hair may be different and maybe hand drying instead of using a brush will be better, maybe even switching from the flat brush to round ones or vice versa will do the trick. Pair your bob with long lashes and colorful eye shadow and your good to go! This short bob with parted side bang is a flirty casual look perfect for those hot summer days. Itís an easy hairstyle to style and maintain.