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Silky medium length hairstyle with a layered side parting is perfect for a professional look. The ends are cut straight which emphases the top layering. Medium length hair need not be boring and dull. Part the side of the hair and cut a small amount off the side to give the hair that cheeky look that will be welcomed in the office and at home. Make sure that the parting is not overly neat and that the hair has that “just washed” look. Make sure that the hair is styled in a manner that shows off and defines the layers that have been cut throughout the hair. This style primarily suits those with a heart shaped face and fuller cheeks as it gives the face more definition and creates that defined look. This technique may be referred to as “box layering” where the hair is blunt cut to produce a load in the wanted area and the hair above the load is cut into layers to add consistency to the look.