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Is your long hair looking slightly dull? Why not add a vibrant color so that your locks are given a new lease on life. Reds and browns are perfect for that light skin tone, add a hint of darker low lights to the mid-section of the hair so that the hair has that full look. Always brush your hair lightly down the sides so that you do not distress the hair and make it stringy. With that said if you want your hair to look amazing like this then it's going to take some effort. Except if thereís a possibility that you may have perfect hair, with awesome volume, stunning thickness, and simply no issues whatsoever, you will want to do roughly anything with your hair to make it look like the photo above. The extra hair you have, the more time and effort it will take to style. This is a real drag if you have sooo much hair on your head that is ridiculously thick, but itís just a truth that you have to embrace. Creating a tiny bit of waves to your hair allows the hair to have this soft, classy and very feminine look and if you have naturally wavy hair you may need to use a diffuser attachment when you start blow-drying your hair because this prevents the hair from being tangled. The diffuser will ensure that the waves or slight curls created look well-structured. If you are in no mood for the diffuser or just the blow drier then make use of large rollers because they tend to give straight hair that casual wave Add a pop of color to your cheeks so that you have that rosy fresh look, a hint of pink or nude to the lips and your well on your way to looking good. Add a warm vibrant color to your long hairstyle. This is a great mid winter boost idea which not only looks great during dull days but also makes you feel great.