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Mousy, boring, mid bob? Never fear! Part your hair in the middle and add a bit of product and brush lightly. Once that is done choose two or three of your favorite dainty accessories and clip to the hair for that carefree girl next door look. If you don't want to use product in your hair, don't expect your hair to look like you did. Products are amazing and could potentially give you a sort new gratitude for your hair. So play with your hair and pin it either to the side or underneath. There is no need to have boring mousy looking hair when there are loads of interesting and exciting hair accessories out there. This look can be made even fresher by adding a simple silver stud to each ear so that you are not taking away from the look but adding to it. Play with your medium length bob by adding different hair accessories. By simply pinning hair to one side this style is transformed from boring to girly casual.