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Having a pixie look need not mean boring, add tons of gel to the front of the pixie cut to allow for the look to be fuller. Sleek the sides down toward the front and back of the hair so that you have that “wet” look. Emma Watson recently chose a bold pixie cut which suits her tiny frame amazingly well. She certainly enjoys wearing her pixie cut in a selection of ways, including a slicked back version that she rocked on the red carpet at the Harry Potter Premier and like our model pictured above you too can create a similar look with a strong-hold gel or mousse and slick it back from the side of your head and then from the back of your head toward the nape of your neck with a comb or soft to the touch brush. The back of the head and the sides are cut shorter so that the hair seems to fade into the head without looking to punk rock. Add a pop of color to give your hair that fun flirty look and make sure that your make up is smooth and light so that your hair is the focal point. Make a statement by simply adding gel to a soft pixie hairstyle to create this deliberate wet look.