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Cutting an extra-long and sleek bob is good for the corporate environment among others. This look is achieved by cutting the hair into a bob and then using the flat iron to sleeken it. By further adding product to the hair the hair gets that dull glow. This style made famous by Tori Spelling, Jenny McCarthy and Jennifer Aniston, is a pleasantly sexy version of a bob. Make sure you use a sheen spray to get that silky edge. If your hair is a little damaged and your ends are breaking, brittle and splitting, then a haircut will always save the day. Anyone can wear short hair, specially this sleek looking bod that accentuates the cheek bones and neck. Having a large full face will make this look seem pushed out if not done correctly. So allow for a part to be parted down the middle of the head and then proceed to straighten to the end of the hair without leaving groves or burning the hair. This hairstyle will complement the look of your face and body if cut and flat ironed correctly. Extra long slick bob is perfect for a professional look, and its easy to maintain too.