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Looking to give your hair dimension and texture? Why not add color to it? Ensure that you first put on a treatment to protect the hair if youíre going to use harsh chemicals that may damage your hair. Always keep the hair well-presented and try limit the harsh chemical treatments like constant coloring, highlighting or perming until your hair matures. If you are however definatly looking to give your hair dimension then how about trying an allover demi-permanent color. Donít forget thought that giving your hair a rest every now and again will ensure that your hair will appear to grow quicker because it will undergo far less breakage. This style is fun and flirty and may potentially score you admirers. Brush the hair naturally and add a touch of silicone to seal in those unruly roots. The hair will look fresh and inviting. Biker chick, corporate executive or charity worker, cutting your hair at a reputable salon and then allowing it to retain that shape is the best that tone can do. If you are bored with your dead straight hair simply add highlights and lowlights to complement your natural color, this will give your hairstyle dimension and texture.