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Create layers to your bangs so that the look is fresh and unique and make use of a curling iron to get that semi straight look to your hair. Bangs tend to kinda make a boring cut edgy. They most definitely take years off your face and bring attention to the eye area. Totally flattering on practically all face shapes although the goal should be to get the bangs to make your face appear more oval. Ensure that you make a half side path so that the hair falls naturally on either side without the use of product of hair spray. This look could make your eyes pop or hide any unsightly marks. By allowing the hair to dry naturally prior to using a iron on the hair, the hair will then have a naturally shiny glow. This look is one of the most iconic looks with stars such as Reese Witherspoon rocking it on the red carpet. Create layers and long side bangs to add volume and shape to a medium length hairstyle.