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This long straight hairstyle is perfect for any look. Use a hair iron to get the ends dead straight. No matter what type of hair you have or what texture you feel, your hair can look as stunning and sleek as this. By using a flat iron with the right product and chemical, your hair can be sleek and longer looking. The long sleek look will always remain the most classical look as the style is adaptable and the hair can be styled with or without bangs, with a side parting or even as our model has it , a middle parting. This wonderful and amazing hairstyle is perfect for that date night out or that girl’s day out at the mall. With minimal maintenance and low risk to becoming curly this hairstyle makes every face look longer and more defined. Should you have dyed your hair, ensure that the product you use with keep the style in for longer. Always ensure that the right product and right heating device is used for your hair type as you do not want to damage your hair.