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Everyday hairstyles do not need to be boring. Chances are youíve been rocking the same basic look since elementary school. If itís time for an upgrade these everyday examples are a fun way to get your creative juices flowing. While they may not be for everyone, you can use them as a way to get inspired. A new look can really transform your appearance. Your friends may not even recognize you anymore and who knows, you might also attract the attention of people who didnít notice you before. Unlike getting a new wardrobe, a new 'do is a cheap way to get a new look. If you have long tresses, you can opt for a shorter one or choose to keep it long and go for some wave, curl or texture. Color is a fun way to change up your new look. A different color can really change your appearance and bring out your eyes and lips. Plus, it will open up new possibilities for dramatic makeup and accessories. The possibilities are nearly endless when you start thinking about color. The red in photo 10 makes the effect come to life. Work with your stylist to come up with a creative new look for your everyday life. Donít be afraid to let loose and give something new and a bit outrageous a try. Remember, itís only hair and it will grow back if you donít like it. Finally, sometimes a new look has to grow on you for a while so donít panic right away.

Portfolio 9 is not for everyone but showcases crazy ideas for everyday styles. Remember, these images arenít for everyone so only attempt them if they suit your personality, lifestyle and occupation. Picture number 7 is a perfect example of a look with flair.