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Who said girls with short hair canít have fun. These examples show off some flirty, fun and rocking girls who make short hair electrifying. Plus the beauty of many of these is that they can be toned down for days in the office and then amped up for a night on the town. Many short 'dos offer a great deal of versatility. Talk with your hair dresser and ask for something short with a lot of possibilities. Have him or her show you different ways to style your new cut so that youíll be able to be sleek and sophisticated in the office and rocking hard at your favorite indy bandís concert at night. Donít be afraid to break stereotypes and molds. Lots of girls scene styles are really striking, but you may stray away from them because youíre not ďsceneĒ or ďemo.Ē You donít want to be seen as a poser so you avoid drawing inspiration from a really great cut. The best thing you can do is take inspiration from these  and make them fit you and your lifestyle. As long as youíre being yourself, your hairstyle will work with the rest of your outfit and accessories. Short hair can be just as versatile as long hair so donít worry about chopping a lot of hair off. If your stylist wants to start cutting, look at it as a fresh start. Youíll get a great new style and be able to wear your hair in countless new ways.

Here you will find a variety of images that have been toned down for a more presentable silhouette. Add extra flair and craziness to your style by playing around with different colors and accessories. Visit our Curly and Straight sections for everyday styling ideas.