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Do you have medium length or short curly hair? If so, then we have for you on this page some fine examples of how to style your hair for more formal occasions. From this selection, you can certainly find a number of great ideas for layered curls that work for more format occasions. We start in the first row with a few more dramatic styles, particularly as presented in the final picture which emphasizes curly hair to the extreme. The other examples presented show a looser, more casual look that is easy to maintain. The second row begins with three great looks for long curls that are perfect for proms, weddings and other formal occasions. The final example is one that shows off shorter curly hair in a fun, more casual way that adds volume. We have on the third row fine pictures that show off how curls can be presented. From loose and casual to pulled back with the emphasis on the curls at the ends and finishing with more dramatic looks that show off the curls in the third picture while bobbing them in the final example for a very petite, short look. In the final row we have the more glamorous examples that you often see on celebrities. Here you have four great examples that simply glow with ebullience and style. For proms, weddings and other more formal events, you certainly have a great choice of wonderful curly styles to pick from here as these photos show.

Find the perfect wavy look for your straight hair. This portfolio emphasizes on wavy styles for straight locks. Use different styling products to achieve different size curls for your straight hair. Picture number 9 is a perfect example of how to incorporate a long side swept bang to your curls.