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You can add a great deal of volume to your curly haircut by selecting from one of the ones pictured on this page. From long, curly hair cuts complete with bangs to short, sassy styles there is a great number of examples that add fullness and volume to your hair without needing a great deal of maintenance.
The first row features a number of longer curly haircuts that show off volume in different ways. The first photo is of hair that is pulled back, yet the curls cascade down the shoulders and back to create a fuller, healthier look. The other three examples are teased outwards and show off the curls in a relaxed, natural fashion.
The second row is highlighted by the short, sassy style featured in the third photo. This simple, casual style actually uses the curls to accentuate the appearance of fullness in a relaxed manner. The other three photos show off volume in longer ones that are off the face and present a thicker style along the sides.
The third row re-emphasizes how long curly haircuts can bring volume and fullness to the style, particularly the first photo where bangs are used to offset the longer curls along the sides in a dramatic fashion. The others presented are more simple, less maintenance and yet still bring about a good deal of fullness.
The final row starts with a simple, yet stylish shorter cut that has plenty of fullness and volume everywhere, a perfect style for so many occasions. The rest of the examples provide different versions of longer, curly hair that has the required volume and size to make a lasting impression.

This portfolio highlights “big” hair. They use different styling techniques to create volume and width and add bounce to wavy and curly hair. Photo number 7 is a gorgeous soft wavy look for medium length locks that uses a thick side swept bang to add width to the face.