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Are you looking at a more sophisticated hair updo style for your wedding or prom? If so, we have a great collection of examples that will help you find the right look. Our examples focus on women who have somewhat longer hair that can be used in dramatic fashion. Here you will find a number of updo hairstyles from those close to casual to others that push the boundaries and make an unforgettable impression. The first row of examples is highlighted by the third photo which features a complicated pinned up style, yet has enough play to make it attractive. The second photo is a great example of how bangs can be used to really highlight the face while still having the rest of the hair updo pinned back. Naturally, augmenting your hair with natural decorations such as flowers can make for a great way to set your style apart. In the second row we see more classic examples of sophisticated wedding and prom updo styles. While the first example is perfect for those with very curly hair, the third and fourth are pure classic updo’s perfect for more formal occasions. If you have long, thick hair, then you might want to try the example in the second photo to highlight your face. The third row is a great combination of pulled back styles along with loose, more casual feel. The second example does require some work and spray, but the results are perfect for weddings. For younger women, especially those attending the prom the first and fourth photos provide excellent examples of what can be done. For the final row we have another combination of both casual and pinned up hair that you can choose from when attending the wedding or prom. In particular, the third photo shows a dramatic style indeed.

Portfolio 3 showcases delicate up-dos mainly for long straight hair. Picture number 1 and 2 are beautiful examples of straightforward updo’s incorporating hair accessories that are fit for the most magnificent wedding. Picture number 10 is a gorgeous and sophisticated low chignon with the hair neatly pinned back away from the face.