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Finding a sophisticated look for weddings is now easier than ever thanks to the examples that we present on this page. You actually can choose wedding hairstyles that are perfect for a number of different occasions such as formal and even homecoming events. If what you want is to present a sophisticated look, then you have found the right place. The first row features a number of simple, easy to maintain, yet dramatic formal hair designs perfect for these occasions. The third photo shows the bangs pulled back over the head to help highlight the face. The second row shows great examples of sophisticated bridal styles that are actually simple and easy to achieve. The third example in particular is one that adds sophistication, yet little in the way of maintenance. The third row has a variety of looks based on the hair being pinned or set back to help highlight the face. You can see in the third photo how the bangs are actually ties to help create a frame for the face while the rest is loose and free. The fourth photo is more the classic pinned up look that helps highlight the neckline. The final row is a potpourri of different wedding looks from the simple, full look presented in the first photo to the conservative, pinned back look as presented in the second example. The third photo may be the most dramatic and certainly sophisticated in the bold use of pins to hold up the hair while still having dramatic bangs that really highlight the eyes. The fourth example may be better suited for the prom but it is still a classic look.

Portfolio 5 showcases a combination of sophisticated wedding and modern loose prom hairstyles. The images in this portfolio use the styles unique bangs to create different looks. View picture number 3 and 14 where the bang is used to create a bubble to add extra height to the style.