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A great combination of classic wedding styles that are hassle free highlights the examples on this page. You can see how with just a little work you can get a really classic style without a lot of fuss. In the opening photo of the first row we see how a simple flower can really highlight the face and make a great additional to an already dramatic bridal design. The next two examples feature the classic pinned up bridal look that works very well at weddings and proms while the final photo is a much softer, yet classy look that is actually easy to get. The next row shows how longer hair can be fashioned for a sophisticated look without much in the way of maintenance. You can see in the first photo just how easy it is to get a smart, yet classy look simply. The third photo however does show what a little more work can do with pinned up hair. The third row is a throwback to the good old days when bigger hair was definitely in. The second photo especially shows off what can be done with just a little work. However, the last two examples are great uses of the pony tail and letting your hair fall naturally to create a wonderful, yet sophisticated look. In the final row we see how creative use of pins can add volume to your hair while still creating a classy look that is just right for weddings and the prom. The first photo shows a very dramatic example of just what can be done which works very well if you have an expressive face.

In this portfolio you will find a combination of classic, sophisticated styles and casual, hassle free prom and wedding designs worn loose or up. Curly hair is great for elaborate updo’s as the soft delicate curls add volume and height to a style. Add waves or curls to your straight hair to achieve the same look.