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Here we have some more conservative, yet very attractive ideas for prom night. While at first glance they may seem wildly different, in fact these straight prom styles are best suited for women with longer hair who have the time to get everything perfect. In the first row we see four rather traditional styles, yet the one featured in the fourth picture is certainly quite dramatic. It will take more work to get the combination of bangs and pins to get the hair in place, but once achieved it will look stunning. The second photo is also quite dramatic as well with a purposeful outward curl that is highly dramatic. The second row features more traditional styles that have ponytails or pinup the hair to help show off the neckline. The first photo does feature the hair pinned up, yet it is simply perfect for the prom. Pony tails are also well suited for the prom when you want to be a little more casual, yet still appropriate. The third row features an interesting collection of hairstyle for the prom ranging from the classic in the third example to the striking in the fourth. The first photo however is a wonderful combination of pulled back hair with a long, dramatic reach down the shoulder which will make prom night unforgettable. Finally, we have a series of more extreme examples for prom that is certainly bold, the second example alone features a complicated design that is still rather unique. The fourth photo shows off another classic, pulled back look that is just right for many women who are attending more formal events such as the prom or a wedding.

Find beautiful Prom updo's in this portfolio for both straight and curly hair types. The Prom updo's in Portfolio 2 are minimalist so that they are easy to implement but are non the less stylish and sophisticated. Incorporate beautiful accessories that compliment your gown to spurge up your overall look.