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Are you the type of person who takes the path least traveled? Do you like to stand out in a crowd? Are you known as the artistic type? If your personality fits any of these traits, then the emo hairstyles in this portfolio will speak to you. They may not be ďtheĒ perfect look for you, but chances are they will spark inspiration and youíll be able to use them as a starting point or point of reference for your stylist. These unusual emo haircuts are certainly not for the faint of heart. However, many women love to show off their individuality and personality with outrageous hairstyles. If you lead an alternative lifestyle then these emo styles would be ideal for prom or even an alt wedding. Exaggerated bangs, bright colors and wild sprays of hair make up this artistic set of hairstyles. Each have a personality of their own. The great part about these outrageous looks is that they can be adapted for both long and short locks. Standing out in a crowd isnít easy. When you have a unique personality, your hair should reflect it. Any one of these can be used for everyday, special occasions and even for model shoots or your favorite bandís music video shoot. In order to get the most original look, take these hairstyles as inspiration and turn your stylist wild. Keep in mind that many of these hairstyles may not be in your average stylistís skill set. Therefore, you may have to look around to find one who is capable of getting a little crazy with your hair.

Looking for something different to update your look or something very different for Prom night? Then this section is for you. Find ideas on outrageous, artistic and just plain crazy hairstyles that will guarantee that you stand out in the crowd.

The Outrageous Gallery includes ideas for all hair types and lengths, and both day and night looks. You will find plenty ideas for fancy dress parties even professional model shoots.

For easy browsing the gallery is divided into ten portfolios, each containing sixteen thumbnails of the ideas showcased therein.