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Here we see a great number of short straight hairstyles mixed in with a few long straight haircuts for a good mixture of suggestions that work well for any occasion. The first row features a number of dramatic short straight examples that you can choose from to deliver an unforgettable look that is low maintenance and shows off your beautiful straight locks. The second photo in particular shows how bangs can make a short straight hairstyle truly dramatic. Our second row of photos features a combination that continues the theme you can select from along with two longer straight cuts that are perfect for most occasions. The third photo shows off a more dramatic look that requires some work, but can be well worth the effort. The third row is another blend of short and long. The first photo features particularly short bangs and is simple to maintain while the third photo frontloads the bangs in balance with the rest of the hair. The other two photos show off more shoulder length hair in traditional cuts that help show off the face and pull the bangs off the side. The final row has three shoulder length straight haircuts that are simple and very straightforward in maintenance. They feature a part to one side and bangs that are swept across. The third photo features a woman with longer hair, but is the same general style as the other three. This is a simple, easy to maintain style that can be used with long, medium or short straight cuts.

View 16 different straight examples in portfolio 4 with emphasizes on short locks. Picture 1 and 9 showcase two different styles for extra short straight hair that incorporate short feathery bangs. View a number of different short to medium length bobs that contain different cutting and styling techniques.