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Here you will find a number of great pictures of curls that are perfect for the prom or other more formal occasions. The styles range from loose with minimal management to those that require a good deal of maintenance. However, all of them are perfect for those with pictures of layered curly hairstyles and curly hair cuts. The first row features a number of wonderful curls that are just right for the prom or any formal occasion. While the first example is rather typical of a dramatic look, the next three are less maintenance, yet have a wonderful sense of style that can work wonders complimented by a prom dress or other formal attire. The next row features some of the more dramatic prom curls that are popular today. They range from the first and third pictures which depict a looser, more casual appearance to the highly teased and elegant fourth example that certainly takes a great effort to achieve. The second photo is certainly dramatic for its broad sweep and may only work for certain styles. The third row has a great variety perfect for the prom, especially the second photo which is a wonderful use of pins and pulling the hair off the shoulders in an original way. The other three curly examples are more loose and casual, but still perfect for formal occasions. Finally, the last row begins with another great example of very short curly cut that is bold and beautiful followed by other, more casual examples that finish with using a band to help give the hair a more dramatic appearance.

Portfolio 8 highlights modern and elegant curls for short and long hair. Picture number 1 is a chic updo that uses the hairs natural soft waves to frame the face. Picture number 10 is a funky look for small tight curls and suits a younger, vibrant personality. Browse through the other photo’s for inspiration.