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If you are searching for a new look, you may want to try one of these straight haircuts with bangs to create a unique, classic appearance. Women’s straight hairstyles run the gamut from long and breathtaking to short and sassy, so having a selection of straight layered cuts to choose from will give you a variety of exciting choices. Our first row features some classic ladies straight suggestions of different length and layering. The first and last photo in the row is the classic womens straight designs while the middle two feature shorter, more sassy looks that are playful and easy to maintain. The second row accentuates the number of different straight layered cuts which can bring about a dramatic look while being easy to maintain. The first photo is certainly very dramatic, yet the look is simple with low maintenance. The next two are shorter and more playful that perfectly shape around the face with the final photo in the row a truly dramatic long straight haircut with no bangs and highlights the face quite beautifully. The third row features a number of shorter, sassier straight layered haircuts that have the same basic style even if the length is different. In fact, there is very little differences in all four photos save for the final one, although it is styled in the same manner. The four and final row feature four classic ladies straight looks that help frame the face, yet are simple and easy to maintain. The second one in particular is very casual and soft, perfect for women with longer faces to highlight.

Portfolio 5 showcases unique examples in various lengths placing emphasizes on bangs. Bangs can compliment any look, browse through this portfolio for bang and styling ideas for any length hair. Picture 10 and 11 show a similar bang on different short designs that create completely different look.