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These photos depict a number of outrageous ideas, but donít be too quick to write them off just yet. If youíre going to a themed party, concert or other type of event where you can have fun with your hair, why not let it loose and see what your stylist comes up with for you. Halloween parties are a perfect example of where many of these crazy ideas would come to life. Or perhaps youíre a model who is looking for a little diversity in your portfolio. A select artistic or interpretive shot with one of these styles may give your portfolio just the edge you need to get booked. When youíre looking for impact, you canít be limited by length. Lots of women are set on a certain length and this drastically limits what a stylist can do. In order to get an outrageous look you may need to push your comfort zone and hand over control to your stylist. Change doesnít always come easy, but you only live once. Your locks will grow back and those purple, pink and green streaks in your hair will eventually return to your natural  coloring. So live it up and let loose. Whether youíre going to a wild concert where the silhouette of your hair will rock harder than the band on stage or you simply want to have the best costume for your next halloween party, these ideas can give you the inspiration you need.

Portfolio 4 contains outrageous suggestions for all lengths and types. Picture number 1, perfect for a Halloween party. Picture 1, 12 and 13 are perfect for a Halloween party or dress up party. Some outrageous styles can be worn as everyday styles such as picture 2, 7 and 15.